• Glass chandeliers

    Glass chandeliers are by far the most used and sometimes aesthetically abused chandeliers. These chandeliers use the ability of glass to shine in ways to enhance the bright lights enclosed in it.

    Model 1
  • crystal chandeliers

    Crystals have the remarkable property of sparkling in light. This makes them an obvious choice for use in crystal chandeliers.

    Model 2
  • Victorian chandeliers

    Victorian chandeliers have a majestic appeal to them. They have been popular in large areas , such as hotel lobby.

    Model 3
  • Tiffany chandeliers

    Tiffany chandeliers are another popular type of chandeliers. They are available in many nature inspired themes. These themes include outdoor garden theme, flower themes and lake view theme among various others.

    Model 3
  • Drum chandeliers

    Drum chandeliers are used in small areas such as bedrooms or other cozy spaces where you need focused light in a small space. These chandeliers and their shades get rid of hardness in light and provide a warm light

    Model 3